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About Us

Founder Will Bonnell and Co-Founders Dmitriy Usov and Owen Solomon met at Loyola Marymount University. Together they frequently collaborated on each other's productions throughout their undergraduate years. They are avid supporters of one another, which creates a solid foundation for a passionate and hardworking dynamic.


Once they completed their Junior thesis films, the trio continued their work together through the summer by producing music videos and developing short films. As they succeeded in these endeavors, they decided to join forces...officially. With that, New Frontier Pictures was born. ​During their Senior year, they created a classic spaghetti-style western (Directed by Will Bonnell), a spiritual horror thriller (Directed by Dmitriy Usov), and a futuristic dystopian sci-fi (Directed by Owen Solomon). 

New Frontier Pictures takes pride in being the new generation of modern filmmakers. The new frontier, if you will. 


The company's backbone is creating a collaborative and supportive network of up-and-coming filmmakers. This is extended to creators as communication and inclusivity with the founders is highly encouraged. They use this strong work ethic to create content at an accelerated rate. 

Consider New Frontier Pictures to bring your projects to fruition and join the team. 

- New Frontier Pictures

Meet the New Frontier

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